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Strategy & Planning

True, you cannot predict the future. No manager has a crystal ball in his or her briefcase. Every day has its own “we couldn’t see it coming”. Mostly all severe operating problems have, as their origin from months earlier- a failure in strategy or planning. The importance of strategy & planning in reducing these “days you would rather forget” cannot be overemphasized.

On the other hand, we know when we stumble onto a GOOD strategic plan (and a good process to get there) when present & future obstacles seem to be melting away and momentum to achieving goals seem to strengthen. Different from classic business planning, the strategic variety involves vision, mission and outside-of-the-box thinking.

ROBUST Events aims at becoming your end-to-end partner in this process. Our multi-brand experience and off-beat approach towards initiatives will give you the extra edge to reach the next level!

  • Intellectual Properties
  • Branding & Re-branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Driven Marketing

Demand Generation

Customers are the heart of our business. In an effort to please customers, content strategists, growth hackers, product owners, analytics masterminds, and communication specialists share one goal: amplify brand-to-consumer relationships.

Ultimately, it is demand generation that captures the umbrella of marketing programs that get customers excited about your company’s product and services helping your organization reach new markets, promote new product features, build consumer buzz, generate PR, and re-engage existing customers. Demand generation, however, is more than just a branding concept or early funnel marketing tactic. Demand generation programs are touch points throughout the conversion optimization and sales cycles.

Successful demand generation requires more than just snappy creatives or the latest marketing technology. It needs a steady flow of turn-key campaigns that build & nurture every key prospect and ensure a healthy sales funnel. Our unique combination of marketing expertise, creative flair and focused attitude toward result oriented campaigns will ensure that your sales team always has an over-flowing pipeline.

  • Lead Generation
  • Database Management
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Audience Acquisition

Trade & Networking

Building online connections with your audience has become a fundamental part of marketing. Building an online presence using social media, SEO, etc. are proven techniques, that become the basis for a solid, reliable brand image.

But in the midst of all these online interactions, it can be easy to forget that face to face interactions are still a powerful and valuable way to forge important relationships. These could include business events like tradeshows, conferences, user groups, Expos, fundraisers and more. Any events that allow you to meet your customers and prospects in the real world can provide great opportunities, such as:


Production & Technical

Production & Technical planning is very important to the health, safety and comfort of everybody attending and taking part in your campaign. Smaller items like audio visuals, sound, print quality, set-up details, corporate brochure, gifts, etc. go a long way in impacting your brands identity.

When you take so much effort for your brand, why ignore the smaller yet important aspects. Let us worry about them for you!

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