We are a team of resilient minds and spirited souls.

We are passionate about what we do and all that we are and every campaign that we deliver is with the attitude of


Who are we anyway?

Meet the team who built the dream

Ravi Mehta

Ravi Mehta

Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience in managing events, Ravi has carved a niche for himself in the Event Management Industry. As Founder & CEO, Ravi spear heads company Sales & Marketing function. He is one man who truly believes that exceeding expectations is the only way to meet a client’s expectations. He doesn’t think that you have done your job well if it hasn’t evoked a ‘Wow!’. Candid, quick and steadfast in his focus, Ravi is known for his flair in people management. Breaking the mold and challenging the status quo is a daily ritual. With his head in the skies and feet firmly on the ground, Ravi is as Ravi does. Driven by passion, his versatility and adaptability, people-skills and big-picture view-point make him the leader he is.

Bhavin Patel

Bhavin Patel


With Passion, Joy & Trust as his mantra, Bhavin is usually found innovating new methods to address marketing challenges. Stubbornly persistent and diligent by nature, his eye for detail makes him a real asset to the organization. At ROBUST, he is responsible for defining and implementing strategic initiatives for clients and their brands. When they want to bounce off ideas and brainstorm strategy, he is their Go-To-Guy. Bhavin has spearheaded and managed several large-scale campaigns for the company. He understands his team’s vision and ensures it is in sync with his vision for the company’s overall growth. He epitomizes professional curiosity, always eager and enthusiastic to learn more.


Who we are?

Well, we are a bunch of over enthusiastic workaholics with a spirited attitude and resilient mind who swear by the mantra of “Passion – Joy – Trust”.

We are Known by our cutting edge strategy and jaw-dropping ideas. Creativity is our soul, embodied technology implementation that produces the most effective and efficient way to leverage its brand.

What We Do?

Our ability to understand your brand essence and our finesse for designing utmost creative content, ecstatic concept, exquisite design knowledge, and result-oriented methods sets us apart in devising the scalable marketing strategy.

We help brands grow their business by working closely to understand the needs and utilize the appropriate resources to deliver the best output.

Where We Do?

We’re headquartered in Mumbai, but our reach has no boundaries. We Know a lot of important people.

We function as a single-window solution provider and operate in markets across the globe, through our own offices and those of strategic partners.

Providing creative ideas for your business.
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